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They spent 21 days in the Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble house but tonight (Sunday April 12) Capetonion brother and sister Gino and Tiffini were evicted by audience vote during an action packed one-hour show screened exclusively on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).

Featuring two performance from Riky Rick (Boss Zonke and Sondela, featuring Zano), the show began with last weeks' evictees Matthias and Sibu sharing their thoughts moments after their elimination, a clearly unexpected outcome that left the duo shocked. Speaking on their exit, Sibu explained that he had not considered anyone in the house a threat: 'I underestimated all of them and they chopped us off at the knees'. For Matthias his learning was that the Big Brother show 'tests you as a person, as an individual, as a character'.

Back on stage, Lungile took the opportunity to remind viewers that, before they departed the show last Sunday, Matthias and Sibu had chosen Chelsea and Mbali to be the recipients of the Friday Night Games prize the two guys had previously won. However for the ladies, the prize they inherited was not without its own drama.

Given R 10 000 each by Biggie, in return for agreeing that ALL the Housemates would survive four days on meal replacement protein shakes, Chelsea and Mbali found themselves battling annoyed Housemates who didn't like the deal at all. Of course, Biggie's mobile kitchen which offered up tempting dishes, each with a price tag that Chelsea and Mbali would have to pay if anyone ate anything, also added to ladies challenge, as some Housemates secretly tucked into the tasty food. However, at the end of the four days, despite some tears and arguments, the twosome managed to walk away with the tidy sum of R 8300 each, after the monies they spent on buying Housemates a selection of meals was deducted.

Recapping the week that was, an insert showed the Housemates enjoying their fun and athletic Friday Night Games, plus they put their rhythm and showmanship to the test on Biggie's dance floor during the week's Dance Task taking on the waltz and the fox trot! Plus in the spotlight again was the colourful disco themed Saturday Night Party, which saw DJ Clock working his magic. Of course the past week also included the Head of House save and replace decision, which saw Kay and Pumba save Adams and Tembi, and replace them with Bexx and Soxx. With three pairs up for nomination (Chelsea/Mbali; Gino/Tiffini AND Bexx/Soxx), the question of who would be leaving the show was the next on the show's agenda.

But before then, Biggie also reminded viewers of the incredible prize that the winners of this week's Friday Night Games, Blue and K2, have walked away with. The thrilled duo were delighted to discover that their gift was an immunity advantage and a power nomination, to use ONCE each, between the date they won it and the Finale. Of course, they have to keep the prize secret until they are ready to use it and one can be sure that when they do, it's going to come as a massive surprise to everyone else!

After Lungile took a moment to highlight the video, images and articles available to fans of the show on the Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble official website ( especially the awesome up close GoPro footage that the Housemates film themselves); he confirmed that the series auditors were standing by to deliver the news of who was heading home this week!

The Deloitte auditor made his onto stage, looking dapper in a bowtie and fab suit, and handed Lungsta the all-important envelope containing the eviction news. He then crossed into the house where he teased the Housemates about their tough week and their food frustrations; before he wished Bongi and Khali a happy belated birthday, at which time Khali confirmed that the cake and the flowers she was given had made her day! With the pleasantries and the brief chat over, Lungile asked the six Housemates up for nomination to stand as the Biggie's drone music set a tense atmosphere. After a few painstaking moments, Lungile made the announcement – Gino and Tiffini were heading home, and were out of the running for the R 2 million show grand prize.

After sharing hugs and kisses with the Housemates, the brother/sister pair left through the eviction doors; and on stage they appeared calm and composed, with Tiffini telling Lungile that, 'I'm good. It was as a beautiful journey, I met amazing people and the journey just continues from here.'

Sitting by her side, Gino was equally composed and when asked by Lungile if he expected to be on stage and out of the house this week, he said he was. Tiffini soon elaborated that the pair had been up for nomination so many times that they figured they had a 'target on their back' and were therefore prepared for the eviction announcement. The duo also confirmed that they had absolutely no regrets about the time they spent on the show.

Talking about the sibling rivalry they demonstrated on the show, they confirmed that despite their difficult first week and some well documented arguments, they soon discovered that they had to play the game together and focussed on that. Gino also went on to say that whatever happened in the house, he loved his sister very dearly and appreciated the time they got to connect in the house.

Speaking on the closeness she developed with Pumba and Ex in the house, Tiffini said that she would see what happened with both the relationships but wouldn't really commit to who she liked more, except to say that she had Ex's hat with her on stage...On their plans for the future, Gino revealed he has plans to head to Australia to visit with his dad; while Tiffini confirmed that she wants to pursue a career in entertainment.

So with Gino and Tiffini out of the house, there are seven couples remaining in the game. Watch this week to see who will be nominated next and remember to vote, vote, vote to keep your favourite pair in the house because one pair will be evicted next Sunday. Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) to see just who will be leaving.

One other exciting note from last night's show is that this week Biggie is putting the power in the viewers' hands in the Double or Nothing Challenge happening on Friday between 10am and 12pm. The Housemates will do a Street "Dance Off" and viewers will get to choose the winner. That's right, Biggie wants viewers to watch the battle on Friday morning at 10am, and choose who they want as the champion. All audiences have to do is follow the BigBrotherMzansi official account on WeChat, and type the keyword "Dance Off", and then they decide who gets crowned. More info is available on Twitter, Facebook and our official website, but the live polling will be held on WeChat on Friday.

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