Come play the beautiful game

Guinness Football Challenge Pan Africa


A Pan-African game show celebrating Africa's favourite sport.



Genre: Game Show
Aired: 2013
Season: 3

Football fans get the chance to show their skills, knowledge and love of the sport in this hot game show. The Guinness Football Challenge is a self-contained game show that celebrates Africa's passion for football in the definitive fan test: 4 rounds of knowledge and physical-skills games that will lead the best duo-team to the coveted cash prize. The third season of the show features a Pan-African format where East Africa competes against Ghana and Cameroon.

There are 5 preliminary rounds for each region. In the Final Round of each episode only 1 team competes for the cash prize. At the end of the preliminary rounds 5 teams each advances to the Quarter Finals. 8 teams then advances to the semi-finals and 4 teams then qualifies for the final.

Every episode features 4 teams of two football fans who uses their personal strengths to compete in 3 elimination rounds, testing football trivia and their football skills. It is in the team's best interest to know who has the brains and who has the brawn as they play the games that could win them big cash.

In the Final Round only 1 team competes for the cash prize.

It's all about team-work, strategies and knowing the game, as television viewers celebrate the sport that unites nations.

The Guinness Football Challenge included purchase to enter lotteries, eventing and mobile games making it truly interactive. Digital platforms enable mass consumer participation and a national consumer promotion directly linked between the TV show and the pack effectively drive sales of Guinness.