Reality TV and talent competition collide

Tusker Project Fame


In East Africa Tusker Project Fame lead prime time viewing and tripled product sales during it's broadcast.



Genre: Talent Show
Aired: 2013
Seasons: 6

Tusker Project Fame is one of the biggest and best TV assets ever in East Africa. Sixteen young artists give it their all to win the ultimate prize – a glittering career as a recording artist.

All students selected for the Academy must be able to play musical instruments, write their own songs AND perform so it is more than just a singing competition
A show that motivates East Africans to dream big and "Wish upon a Star‟ as they are gripped by the transformation of top talent into superstars.

Project Fame ("Operazione Trionfo") has been produced in 22 countries across North and South America and is the hit talent show that has broken records across the globe.
It is a truly convergent and interactive format that has great potential leveraging with the sponsor's brand to increase image and emotional bond with consumers.

Endemol has produced six seasons of the hit talent reality show in East Africa for EABL [Diageo] and delivered the following results in the last season:

  • Increase in product sales when the show is on air
  • Biggest show in East Africa – dominates talkability across all platforms
  • Active viewer engagement – votes, competitions
  • YouTube channel received 614,671 views, in comparison to 140,575 the previous year
  • 192,153 online votes - first time there was online voting on the show.
  • Facebook grown to 81,430 from 28,000 during the show, a growth of 189%.