Africa is watching you

Big Brother Africa


A cross continental version of the hit reality TV show Big Brother. Twelve people from 14 countries in Africa leave behind their lives to live in isolation with their new housemates. They have virtually no privacy as audiences across the continent watch their every move.



Genre: Reality TV
Aired: 2014
Season: 9

With nine seasons in the bag, Big Brother Africa is undoubtedly the biggest reality show on the African continent.

Housemates are assigned weekly tasks by Big Brother which will earn them luxuries for the house. The housemates can nominate each other for eviction but it's ultimately the viewers that decide who will be sent out of the Big Brother House. The one housemate to last through the entire twelve weeks – walks away with the grand prize.Social media stats include 1,822,324 Facebook followers and 697,000 Twitter followers.

The ninth season of Big Brother Africa was aptly named Hotshots as the housemates adore the spotlight, have hidden talents and will let nothing stand in the way of their pursuit of fame & fortune competing for a massive prize pot of USD 300 000 – with more twists than ever before!