Part game show, part psychological thriller

Doen met 'n Miljoen


Doen met 'n Miljoen is the South African Afrikaans version of hit show Deal or No Deal, the ultimate stomach-knotting test of nerves.



Genre: Game Show
Aired: 2009
Seasons: 2

Doen met 'n Miljoen is hosted by comedy legend Casper de Vries who keeps contestants guessing and second guessing themselves.

There are 26 players, each holding a case. The one who wins the quiz round can play the game and win up to R1,000,000 or as little as 1 cent. The player selects a case, and the one holding it guesses which value from the remaining ones on board it contains, a small prize will be awarded if he/she is correct.


Doen met n miljoen