Keep it, if you can

Million Rand Money Drop


The Money Drop is the ultimate high stakes game show. A pair of contestants start off with a million Rand in cash. Just eight questions stand in the way between them and their money. Sound simple? Think again!



Genre: Game show
Aired: 2013
Season: 1

Two contestants are given one million in cash. It's theirs to keep if they can hold on to it. To do so, they must correctly answer 8 multiple choice questions.

The couple starts by selecting a category. Each category has a question with four multiple choice answers, represented by four trapdoors. The players will have to place their money over the answer they think is correct. They can take a gamble and put every cent on one answer, or they can spread their money over a maximum of three trapdoors to cushion their losses. But once the contestants have made their decision, their fate is in the hands of our devilish device. One by one, every trapdoor representing an incorrect answer will snap open, and the money each player has placed on it will disappear. At the end, the trapdoor representing the correct answer will be the only one left closed. If a player has no money sitting atop, they are off the show.

The ante is raised in question seven with the removal of one trap door, making only three possible answers to each question available. Clutching nervously to whatever money they've managed to keep hold of, our players will be forced to carefully decide their answer in order to stay in the game.