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What's Behind The Wall?


What's Behind the Wall is an interactive game show where 4 contestants must discover which historical, sportive or current event is hidden behind the 14 bricks of the Wall within 30 seconds; 12 Question Bricks and 2 Prison Bricks.



Genre: Game Show
Aired: 2015
Season: 1
Format Owner: Big Gamble

When a brick is selected by a contestant, it will reveal a multiple choice question. Different clues appear. The more times a contestant takes to answer, the less money he or she earns. If answered correctly, the brick will reveal part of the final picture hidden behind the bricks. If answered incorrectly, the brick darkens and becomes a solid block. The more a contestant plays, the more money he or she can bank to make it to the final, but beware the Prison Bricks.

What's Behind the Wall is a third party format owned by Big Gamble.